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We are more than 800km away from Masjidil Haram.
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are more than 800km

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Tuesday, 26-Apr-2005 00:00
Tupai's Traffic Report for today
So you think KL drivers are bonkers?

In fact, KL is just a training ground for Riyadh. Many are actually wacked-up nascar drivers doing kamikaze stunts, with hair-raising skills to change lanes as and when they fancy it. As US-style ruler-straight highways cross through the city, expect the mercs, GMCs, lincolns, beemers, kitchen sinks to often go beyond the slug-like 120kmh speed limit. They are fond of honking slow drivers getting off the green light too.

To make it worse, they do it on the wrong side of the road - which is the right hand side. My mates and I have saved each other a few times for looking at the wrong direction when a car was zooming in from the opposite. Real hairy stuff.

Taxis come standard in white Camrys. These are not cheap with metering starts at 5SR while a typical ride would cost around 20-30SR. But then the meter is also optional, you can bargain/haggle with the cabbie on the fare before jumping in.

If you are thinking of driving here in Saudi then it is very handy to have your international driving license prepared, especially when you get your iqama (resident status). Make sure you have the balls too - you have to be brave and literally so, because it is illegal for women to drive.

Some people are crazy drivers, while some others, drive people crazy.

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